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PLEASE GO TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE "Ship To Shore Crew Placement Agency" to see updated jobs Jobs updated June 1st

Need experienced Crew freelance & Permanent jobs Chefs/Stews/Deckies/Teams & Captains Please check in now if you are coming to Newport for the summer.

Chef seasonal 70ft Sailing Yacht US Flag Charter Cruising New England

Chef full time 82ft Sailing Yacht US private Cruising New England Caribbean Winter

Chef/Housekeeper Estate chef for older couple. Yacht owners US applicants only. In Long Island

Stewardesses and Day workers needed Freelance always needed

Chef/Stew 120ft Stunning Sailing Yacht Non US flag Charter and Private use. Cruising NE and then Caribbean

Freelance chefs needed For Sail and Power US or FF Newport and New England

Stewardess 130ft MY Non US Private yacht New England

Deck/stew 55ft racing Cat US Private Yacht . Cruising and light Racing in NE and Carib.

1st Mate Performance sailing yacht 82ft Non US flag Private Yacht in New England.

Freelance Chef /Stew Sailing yachts US or Foreign New England

1st Mate 120ft Lovely Sailing Yacht FF Charter and Private New England /Caribbean.

1st Mate New 60ft Catamaran FF Med program. Private

Deckhand 130ft Classic yacht US applicants only. Charter yacht in NE & Carib

Deckhand 125ft Motor Yacht Non US Flag Private yacht NW and FL

Captain 60ft Sailing Yacht US Flag Private NE and Carib.

Captain 70ft Sailing yacht US Flag Private Yacht in New England

Freelance Captain 46ft Sailing yacht US Flag Do some freelance work in Newport

At varying times throughout the year, we have many different opportunities all over the world. This is just a sampling of the current crew positions available. Contact us at (401)846-3816 for a complete listing of opportunities that suit your skills.

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